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Common Terms In Bingo Every Player Needs to Know

Bingo is played by different kinds of people from all walks of life. It is a wonderful game loved by millions around the world. If you are new to the game you need to learn some of the common terminology or jargons used in the game so that you will understand how the game works and won't be left out. Here are some of the common terms used:

1. Bingo board. This is the big board which displays all the numbers, which are electronically lighted that were drawn during the game.

2. Bingo booklets. This booklet has a series of sheets which are colored differently. Each color is played in the order to which the game would be played.

3. Buy-in and minimum buy-in. This is the minimum number of card that you get to use in the game. This is usually a minimum number of 3 to 6 cards.

4. Caller. When the numbers are drawn this is the person that calls out the numbers. The caller does not play but he is a part of the game.

5. Coverall or Blackout. This is a term which means that the whole card is needed to be marked in order to win the game. Not all bingo games need to have a cover out to win.

6. Dauber. This is a special pen which has a foam tip which is use to mark the numbers on the card. A mere touch will mark or cover the number easily.

7. Four corners bingo. This is a type of game which you need to cover the number on the four corners of the bingo card. Some other patterns that you can win the game are regular, postage stamp, blackout, chevron pattern, etc.

8. On-player. When a player only needs one more number from winning the bingo game, the player is labeled as on-player.

9. Random number generator. This is an electronic machine or a computer which picks up a random number, instead of manually being drawn by a person.

10. Six-pack / nine-pack. These terms indicate how many numbers are there in the card during a game.

11. Tickets. Tickets are marked on each page of the booklets. When a claim is made these are the bard codes that use to identify the booklets.

12. Wrap-up. This term is called when the game finishes or completes a session.

13. Early bird. When the game started earlier than scheduled this term is used.

14. Quickie or speed game. When the game involves a very quick call out coverall.

15. Moonlight bingo. When a session of the bingo starts late at night usually at 10 pm.