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Bingo is, was and always will be the most popular gambling game in the world. It is one the earliest gambling games ever, as it is a direct descendent of the first lottery in the world. Bingo actually originated from the Italian national lottery. It then passed through France and Germany and eventually got to America.

Bingo is the best online gambling world today and certainly the most popular. You can't find anyone that would say that online bingo is not the best gambling game on the internet. When online casinos gained their meteoric success online bingo had he's moment of glory.

With online casinos success came the golden age of bingo, as every quality online casino has at least one quality bingo hall. Many casinos have dozens of online bingo halls that can satisfy any taste. You can find in today's online casinos a bingo game that fits your taste and pocket.

Online bingo games are so advanced and fun today that any one can gamble without breaking a sweat. You no longer need to dress up in order to play bingo. You can play online bingo in any online casino from the comfort of your bed.