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Gert to Know Your Bingo Online Basics

The Bingo game started from an Italian Lotto game was very popular in Europe in the 15th century. The Italian lotto game was then first altered by the French and then altered by the Germans. The game became very popular as it was played by both adults and children.

Bingo totally took over Europe by the 18th century. It's popularity reached USA in the 19th century, where it helped to build fund raising while people enjoyed playing the game for entertainment at the same time.

To play this wonderful game of bingo online you should know the basics.

The rules are very similar to live Bingo where the only difference is that you are holding the cards in your hand compared to the online game the cards are shown on your computer monitor.

The numbers on the Bingo cards when playing live are crossed out or marked with pens. The numbers called on the screen can automatically be marked or be filled in by you with a click of the mouse.

In online Bingo, the computer will just pop out a random number right on your screen compared to an actual Bingo game where the little balls with numbers are in the cages where they are manually pick out.

The computer voice with the flashing number on the screen replaces the caller who calls out the number.

If you filled in five consecutive boxes in a column, diagonal, or row you win. The game is more exciting in real life where the player has to yell BINGO compared to the online game where the computer just declares you are winner or you will just have to declare Bingo yourself before anyone so you can claim your prize. Although some online Bingo sites have a chat function where the thrill is still there yelling (or typing) BINGO!

The game has higher chances of winning so everyone is a potential winner. That is what makes this game great.

You just need to understand the terms that pop up while playing. Terms like face, booklet, blackout, coverall, etc so you will know how the game is played. There are different kinds of rules which relies on what kind of Bingo game is played. It is very important that you familiarize yourself with the basic jargons before you start playing Bingo online.

Usually Bingo sites have chats and discussion forums where you can communicate with other players and even ask advice. There are basic tutorials on how to start playing the game and how to increase the chance of winning. So go register yourself now, and start playing Bingo!